-- Be + V + ing --

Elvis is singing. He's playing the piano. Homer is singing. Lisa's playing the saxophone.              
The dog's eating the cat. The bird is flying. The dog's drinking The man's working.              
Shakespeare is talking. He's flying. The boy's crying. The boy's playing basketball.              
Homer's tasting the cake. The fish is swimming. The boy's fishing. Elvis is singing.              
The cat and the mouse are fighting. The shark is swimming. He's reading a book. The monkey isn't listening, speaking or looking.              
The racoon is playing the violin. He's sitting in the sun and drinking. The penguin is skating. The knight's riding a horse.              
The women are talking. Wallace is eating cheese and biscuits. The dragon is reading the newspaper. The girl is dancing.              
The frog is dancing. The pigs are flying. She's walking. He's skiing.                                      
Bart is skateboarding. The cheetah is running. I'm writing. The duck's painting.
He's playing baseball. The mouse is crying. He's chasing a butterfly. He's playing golf.

The spider is crawling.