The Simpsons...........8

Mondays in Springfield

On Mondays Bart wakes up at 7 o'clock. He gets up at five past seven. Then he has a wash and gets dressed. He has breakfast at quarter past seven. He leaves home at half past seven. He goes to school by bus.

School starts at 8 o'clock. He listens to the teacher and looks at the blackboard. He reads his History book and writes in his exercise book. At 10 o'clock he plays outside with his friends. He has lunch at school at 12 o'clock.

He goes home at 4 o'clock and does his homework in his bedroom. At 7 o'clock he has dinner and then he watches tv. At 9 o'clock he goes to bed and sleeps.


1) What time does Bart wake up on Mondays?

2) What does he do at five past seven?

3) What does he do next?

4) What time does he have breakfast?

5) What does he do at half past seven?

6) How does he go to school?

7) What time does school start?

8) Who does he listen to?

9) What does he look at?

10) What does he read?

11) Where does he write?

12) Who does he play with at 10 o'clock?

13) Does he have lunch at home?

14) Where does he have lunch?

15) What does he do at 4 o'clock?

16) Where does he do his homework?

17) What time does he have dinner?

18) What does he do after dinner?

19) What does he do at 9 o'clock?

20) What does he do in bed?