The Simpsons................4


It's four o'clock. Marge is sitting in an armchair in the lounge. She's watching an interesting film on tv. There's a table next to her and there's a plate on the table. There are four sandwiches on the plate. Homer isn't watching tv. He isn't sitting on the sofa. He's lying on the sofa. He's very hungry. He's looking at the sandwiches. They're delicious!

It's quarter past four. Marge is hungry now but Homer isn't hungry. Where are the sandwiches? There aren't any sandwiches on the plate now. Homer's asleep.


1) What time is it?

2) Where's Marge sitting?

3) What's she doing?

4) Where's the table?

5) What's on the table?

6) How many sandwiches are there on the plate?

7) Is Homer watching tv?

8) Is Homer sitting on the sofa?

9) What's he doing on the sofa?

10) How many sandwiches are there on the plate at quarter past four?