The Simpsons..............2


Bart and his friend Milhouse are at the cinema. The film is very scary! It's a horror film. It's about zombies!

Milhouse is watching the film but Bart isn't watching the film. He's sitting behind a very tall man. The man's wearing a big cowboy hat and Bart can't see!

Homer is at Moe's bar. He's with his friend Barney. Barney's drinking beer but Homer isn't drinking beer. He hasn't got any money!

Marge is in town with her sisters. They're shopping.

Lisa's at home in her bedroom. She's playing the saxophone. The cat is on Lisa's bed. It's sleeping.



1) Where's Bart?

2) Who is he with?

3) Who is Milhouse?

4) What sort of film is it?

5) What's Milhouse doing?

6) Is Bart watching the film?

7) Why not?

8) What's the man wearing?

9) Where's Homer?

10) Who's he with?

11) What's Barney doing?

12) Is Homer drinking beer?

13) Why not?

14) Where's Marge?

15) Who's she with?

16) What are they doing?

17) Where's Lisa?

18) What's she doing?

19) Where's the cat?

20) What's it doing?