The Simpsons.........1


The Simpsons are American. They've got a big house in Springfield. There's a garden in front of their house. There's a garage next to the house. There are four bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Downstairs there's a lounge, a kitchen and a dining room. In the lounge there's a big sofa in front of the television. Ned Flanders' house is next to the Simpsons' house.

Marge and Homer have got three children. They've also got a dog and a cat. Homer is fat and bald and he isn't very clever. Marge is tall and thin and she's got blue hair. Bart is a boy. He's got a skateboard. He's quite small and very naughty. Lisa's a good girl. She's very clever. Maggie is very small. She's a baby.



1) What nationality are the Simpsons?

2) Have they got a small house?

3) Where is it?

4) What's in front of the house?

5) Where's the garage?

6) How many bedrooms are there in their house?

7) Where are they?

8) What is there downstairs?

9) What's in front of the television?

10) Whose house is next to the Simpsons' house?

11) How many children have Homer and Marge got?

12) Have they got any animals?

13) Is Homer thin?

14) Describe his hair.

14) Is he clever?

15) Describe Marge.

16) Is Bart a girl?

17) Is he a good boy?

18) What's he got?

19) Is Lisa naughty?

20) Is Maggie a boy?